Shaping Sofia (2018-Recent)

Shaping Sofia is a platform for a series of open discussions revolving around with the goal of identifying and solving real and tangible communal issues related to climate and sustainability in Bulgaria’s capital – Sofia. The series of events always tries to provide a wide array of speakers in order to cover all sides of every urban story.

The key product of this project is to produce a guidebook on the topic of each discussion which is to be shared for free with businesses and the public in order to better the challenges Shaping Sofia tackles.

The first event called Shaping Sofia I: Urban Landscaping took place on October 3rd 2018. The event set out to investigate real and potential threats facing the green and eco-friendly future of Sofia as the condition of the city was worsening by the day.

Covered by a variety of national media outlets, among which the Bulgarian National Radio, the event managed to get together experts from various stakeholders, such as CEZ Electro Bulgaria, The Bulgarian Arborist Association, and Sofia Municipality.

The second edition of Shaping Sofia took place on January 16th 2020 on the topic of Sustainable Commuting. The event was held with the kind participation of representatives from United Bulgarian Bank, Spark – electric car sharing, VMware, Forza Consulting and Vision for Sofia – an initiative of Sofia Municipality for creating a shared long-term strategy for developing the capital and its outskirts.